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Lake Fork Creature



The Lake Fork Tackle "Fork Creature™" is the most unique "creature bait" on the market. It combines the styling of a ringed grub or worm with a curled-tail and "arms" with offset appendages that create rod thumping action. This lure combines some of the best fish catching features of different baits in one product. The Fork Creature™ works great in clear, stained, or muddy water because of the vibration it creates when retrieved. Like all Lake Fork Tackle products, the Fork Creature™ is impregnated with garlic and salt.

The unique profile of this bait assures you that fish, even in heavily pressured water, have not seen anything like it before. That means they will NOT be conditioned to ignore it. On the contrary! This lure will catch the attention of big bass and entice them to bite.

The Fork Creature™ was designed as a flipping bait. Rigged Texas Style, it is a sure bet for pulling out the most tight lipped bass. Anglers have also discovered that bass love it when it is presented on a Carolina Rig.

  • Model 1150: 5" long, 7 per pack.
  • Model 1151: 3.5" long, 9 per pack.

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