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Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Frog



The Live Target Hollow Body Frog was the winner in the 2010 ICAST "Best Soft Lure" category. These frogs process great detail. Available in two sizes and four fish catching colors.

  • FGH45T: 1 3/4", 1/4oz, floating
  • FGH55T: 2 1/4", 5/8oz, floating
  • FGH65T: 2 5/8", 3/4oz, floating

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    500 - Green/Yellow
    Size Price Stock Qty
    1-3/4" $10.49 8
    2-1/4" $10.49 25+
    2-5/8" $10.49 13
    502 - Tan/Brown
    Size Price Stock Qty
    2-1/4" $10.49 25+
    2-5/8" $10.49 25+
    503 - Brown/Black
    Size Price Stock Qty
    1-3/4" $10.49 6
    2-1/4" $10.49 25+
    2-5/8" $10.49 3
    504 Fluorescent Green Yellow
    Size Price Stock Qty
    1-3/4" $10.49 5
    506 Tan Yellow
    Size Price Stock Qty
    2-5/8" $10.49 Out
    508 - Green/Brown
    Size Price Stock Qty
    2-1/4" $10.49 6
    2-5/8" $10.49 11
    514 - Emerald/Brown
    Size Price Stock Qty
    2-5/8" $10.49 25+
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    Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Frog Video
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    • frog  August 13, 2014

      Catches fish

    • koppers live target frog  July 1, 2013

      i fish frogs from spring to fall...if the covers right i got to at least try it.i use to be a manns frog fan til these came out...never been a spro or stike king fan(although i own a few strike kings) when it came to frogs but id pick stike king over spro.(everyone has there own prefs).take a koppers live target frog and rap ur hand around the back half,it looks so do the same with a scumfrog,snag proof,spro,stike king if you were the fish,which frog would you attack?live target!!!im a fan of the green/yellow because it looks the closest to the real thing.

    • Best I've used  November 4, 2011

      This is the best topwater frog I've ever used. It's ideal for heavy cover. We've actually had other frogs attack this thing. Not sure what the attacker's intentions were. ;-) Anyway, it casts well, doesn't get snagged, has a great bobbing action and the bass love 'em. Durable too.

    • Big Fish Lure  June 15, 2011

      I've fished several different hollow body frogs and these are the ones I now use 75% of the time. They catch better size fish and I plenty of them. I use the smaller size model and the only color I haven't had true success with is the yellow.