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Heddon Bayou Boogie



The Heddon Bayou Boogie fishing lures are "count-down type" lures that can be fished at any depth anglers allow them to sink. This 45-year-old lure has a fast vibrating action that makes it a versatile fishing lure, performing exceptionally well for both trolling and casting. Excellent for bass fishing. Model: W6500, 1/3oz, 2" #6hks



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  • bayou boogie review  March 15, 2011

    The Heddon Bayou Boogie is the best rattletrap/ lipless crankbait i have ever fished, no matter where i go i catch fish, good and healthy. I was fishing a tournoment in Alabama, a high school bass tournoment and i used a baby blue shad that my great grandfather gave me when he passed away, and i caught biggest fish and put our team in fourth place out of 87 boats. so Heddon, keep makin the bayou boogies

  • Fish catcher!  February 25, 2011

    This bait catches fish,first one ever owned and it did not disappoint!!!

  • Great for catching bass in ponds,lakes & rivers.  January 2, 2011

    You can run this lure shallow or let it sink and work it deep. Great for schooling fish also. Hold your rod tip to the right of you then whip it to the left and bring it back to the right again and see what the lure does? Then hold on to your rod.

  • Never used it.  December 18, 2010

    Help me people I have not used this lure but would like to hear some comments about it before I waste more money on this sport I love!!!!THANKS