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G.Loomis IMX Bass Series Casting Rods


Mag Bass
The term MAG came from their magnum tapers that generate a lot of power and provide excellent fish-fighting capability. Longer rear-cork grips help provide leverage and balance. They are excellent for pitching or casting and are unbelievably strong for such light weight rods. These rods were originally designed to fish for bass, but as anglers will experiment, many have found them to be excellent for walleye, pike, freshwater stripers, redfish and snook – a testament to their light weight and sensitivity, not to mention unbelievable power. You will be amazed at their versatility!

Jig & Worm
Jig & Worm Series rods are designed specifically for fishing jigs and soft plastics. They feature fast to extra- fast actions for low trajectory casts, which will increase accuracy and line/lure control. They are designed with powerful butt-sections for moving fish from heavy cover. If you're into lightweight and sensitivity, power and control, then the IMX Jig & Worm Series rods are a worthy addition to your bass rod arsenal.

Carolina Rig
With this technique, the bait is attached to a leader 16" to 40” or more, behind an oversized, bead-enhanced weight to help keep the rig in constant contact with the bottom while the soft plastic follows along, dangling enticingly behind it. The weight & beads create noise on hard bottoms and on softer bottoms, little bursts of mud that help attract bass. Then they hear or see the bait coming along behind it and, with any luck at all, they’ll eat it. The IMX version features a fast-action with a dynamic tip for ease in casting with a longer rear grip for more leverage and casting control. The butt- section provides above average power for positive, long-distance hooksets.

Flip Punch
Flipping requires brute strength in a light, sensitive package... enter IMX! With an excellent power-to-weight ratio, IMX Series Flip/Punch rods allows maximum control with minimal effort. You still need heavy line because you’re after big fish and you need a rod with some guts so that when you do get bit, you can literally yank it away from the cover, quickly and with authority. Flipping Sticks used to be a lot stiffer, especially in the tip- section, to allow anglers to “swing” the bait accurately, but as techniques evolve and styles change, anglers have discovered they have more control and better accuracy using a fast-action rod with a more dynamic flex in the tip. This helps accelerate the bait towards the target and they can mend the line with their free hand to control the lure’s entry into the water and that means more positive control and more power when you need it. IMX rods are so light for such extreme power, there’s only one word to describe them… Amazing!

A light, incredibly powerful series of swimbait rods designed to cover the gamut of styles and sizes of swimbaits. The rear grips are extra long for extra leverage to improve casting distance and control, not to mention handling the big bass you’ll be catching. IMX provides unbelievable lightweight and sensitivity, but don't let their light weight fool you. They have more than enough power to handle even the biggest bass. Four models give you excellent range in lure size and weight.

The effectiveness of an umbrella rig is the result of making bass think there's a small school of baitfish swimming by just waiting to be eaten. Depending on the state laws, these rigs, built like the framework of an umbrella, have as many as five or six swimbaits connected to the arms that wiggle along, enticingly behind this wire structure to emulate that school of baitfish. Fishing the rig isn't difficult, but casting and controling it can be. It requires power for the extra weight, a dynamic tip to help cast the rig and a comfortable handle to maintain control during the entire experience. Our proprietary IMX technology allows us to make a light, yet sneaky powerful rod that excels in casting, controlling and fishing the rig while giving the angler total confidence when that fish of a lifetime takes the bait.

A unique series of rods designed specifically for fishing spinnerbaits. Featuring extra-fast tips to help improve accuracy and lower the trajectory on your casts these rods cast easily, smoothly and with incredible accuracy. It makes sense to have a rod designed for each type of lure or technique. Spinnerbaits may be fished by more anglers than any other single bass lure. We think they deserve their own special action and overall design. Fish them and we’re confident that you’ll agree! The design makes them special, IMX makes them very light and very sensitive... a plus for any spinnerbait junkie!!

They will improve your success because they are designed to do one thing… fish topwater baits the way they were made to be fished. Add to this IMX's legendary sensitivity and power and you’ve got a winning combination. Well-balanced, with a unique mid-tip flex for exceptional accuracy and lure control, they provide the ultimate in topwater performance. The tips are soft, dynamic and in spite of the noticeable reduction in weight, surprisingly powerful.

Fishing jerkbaits, whether early in the spring or later in the year requires a lot of confidence in the technique. You have to be sure or strongly believe the fish are there and you must be patient. This is a deadly technique, especially with smallmouth early in the season. The IMX jerkbait rods are designed with fast tips and our proprietary "progressive power taper" so the angler can work the lures correctly with minimal effort. When it’s cold, you fish very slow, when it’s warmer, you speed things up quite a bit. Sometimes you need to be super aggressive with the lure movement and this rod has the power to do that and still not overload it, but when you need to be subtle, the tip is light enough and responsive enough to impart a slight twitch if that’s what it takes to get the fish going. There is plenty of reserve power in the butt-section for getting fish to the boat.

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IMX 852C JWR# 7'1"
10 - 14 lb
1/8 - 3/8 oz
SALE! $191.75  

Jig & Worm
Handle: B
When you're fishing clear water lakes and rivers where long casts are required to successful, this rod has the extra length to create more tip-speed for increased casting distance and positive hook sets and still protect light line. When you need to downsize your baits, this rod can handle it. IMX makes light and sensitive with surprising power!

1 In Stock
IMX 802C TWR# 6'8"
8 - 15 lb
1/4 - 3/8 oz
SALE! $191.75  

Handle: F
A nice feeling, medium-power spinning rod designed for fishing heavier ShakyHead rigs in lakes where there’s a little more cover or you need to fish a little deeper. You can get away with a little heavier line and slightly heavier jig set up to help maintain positive lure control and constant contact with the bottom. IMX makes this rod very sensitive and noticeably lighter. It's a great all-around spinning rod!



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