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Evolve Vibra Grub



Evolve's Vibra Grub is the first product of it's kind.....ever. This product was engineered to flutter, and give the illusion it is in fact propelling itself through the water - an action that makes this lure look impossibly alive, just like it is truly swimming. As long as water flows across the front of the Vibra Grub, it will do things no lure has ever done before. We urge you to rig it on a weighted swimbait hook and fish it as such, it will get more bites then most anything on the market. It will also do good rigged on a Dropshot, as a trailer on a jig or jig head, Texas rigged or Carolina rigged. The Vibra Grub is deadly on Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Walleye and Salmon.


  • 3" - 8 per pack
  • 4" - 6 per pack

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