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Duo Realis Spinbait 80



Its origin is rumored (by some) to have occurred around Lake Biwa 2007/ 2008. Others mention its popularity near Tokyo, Chiba and Yokahama where there are many small bodies of water. At that time versions of using a lure with propellers took on names like “pro-bait” and “screw-bait or Bi-hadou (also known as micro-wave)”. However, during that time anglers were attaching propellers to many lures: swimbaits, jerkbait-bodied lures, even jig-heads, in fact, using a propeller became so popular that anglers were purchasing just propellers to attached to in front of their lures.

DUO studied the concept and created a compact design with specially tuned propellers that incorporated more subtle actions then conceived by other manufactures. Its compact yet heavy body harbors a fixed ballast system made to increase trajectory and improve target orientation and provide a heavy roll action. This combination emulates the shimmer-effect of baitfish. The Duo Realis Spin Bait 80 also possesses specially designed cupped propellers, which provide more pulsation at slower revolutions.

The technique called Spy baiting is considered an ultra-finesse hard bait technique requiring light line, long casts and in-line retrieves. Manipulation of the technique requires concentration and steady slow retrieves.

But the results are mind altering. It is a finesse technique that catches big fish as well as numbers. It has recently, hit the US shores and quietly professional Tour anglers are using the technique with great success.

DUO/ Realis invites you to become familiar with the deadly finesse presentation known as “Spy baiting”, the Silent Capture Technique.


  • Length: 3-1/4" (80mm)
  • Weight: 3/8 oz (9.5g)
  • Type: Sinking (Fixed Weight)
  • Hook: #8X
  • Ring: Line Eye #2, Hook Eye #2
  • Range: 7~12 ft (2.0~3.5m)

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    Fish Jr.
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    3-1/8" $13.99 4
    Ghost Gill
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    Ghost M Shad
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    Ghost Pearl
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    Komochi Shad
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    Komochi Wakasagi
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    3-1/8" $13.99 11
    Morning Dawn
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    3-1/8" $13.99 8
    Natural Ayu
    Size Price Stock Qty
    3-1/8" $13.99 8
    Prism Gill
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    3-1/8" $13.99 25+
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