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DUO Realis Crank 48SR



Equipped with a controllable basic performance.

The extremely wide flat yet short lip has realized a highly responsive "wobble & rolling" action at various retrieval speeds. It is a user friendly lure which traces a sub-surface range.

It is loaded with a magnet attached moving weight system. This stabilizes the flight position resulting in improved casting distance.

It stages a high pitch “wobble & rolling” action from slow to fast retrieval speeds.

By designing the lip short, yet wide, it traces a shallower range while catching the water efficiently.


  • Length: 48mm (1-7/8")
  • Weight: 7g (1/4 oz)
  • Type: Floating (Magnet Assisted Weight)
  • Hook: #8
  • Ring/Line Eye #2; Hook Eye: #2
  • Range: 0.2~0.5m (0~2 ft)

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