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Cortland Precision Striper Floating Fly Line


Cortland 444 SL Precision® Tapers are an exciting new line of species specific fly lines designed to turn over flies perfectly, accurately, every time. The Precision Tapers also feature Cortland’s newest performance enhancer, Duraslik®. Duraslik® is an entirely new formulation that dramatically inreases durability and ensures that these lines will stay slick.

Important new features of the Precision Tapers include (on some models) the availability of half weight line sizes, two tone for easy pickup identification and an exciting new taper design called the Rocket2. Never before has a fly line manufacturer made available fly lines designated by whole and half weights. Driven by the tremendous diversity of fly rod actions, fly anglers will now be able to more precisely match their fly line weight to their rod’s action.

A color change has also been included, indicating the maximum load point for easy pickup. Finally, Cortland, the innovator of the original Rocket taper, now introduces the Rocket2 taper design - more weight up front for directional stability, with a long front taper for delicate, precise presentations backed up by an extra long back taper for maximum aerialization.

Precision Striper Floating
Similar in design to Big Fly, but also allows for more gentle presentations with medium to smaller flies when flats fishing in clear water. The new Rocket2 taper design allow for accuracy in close and when making long casts. 30 yds

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5+ In Stock
  • Ice blue/Green
  • Model: WF10F
WF10F $69.00

5+ In Stock
  • Ice blue/Green
  • Model: WF8F
WF8F $69.00

5+ In Stock
  • Ice blue/Green
  • Model: WF9F
WF9F $69.00


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