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Cabin Creek 12 Cabin Creek products available
More Information about Cabin Creek

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New For This Year Return to Top
Slack Knockers Hand Poured Swimbaits
Cabin Creek Slack Knockers Hand Poured Swimbaits

$ 5.69

Current Rating: 0.00
(New Product)
Craws Return to Top
Express  Craw
Cabin Creek Express Craw

$ 3.49

Current Rating: 9.12
Jigs/Jig Heads Return to Top
Spider Head Jig Head
Cabin Creek Spider Head Jig Head

Starting at $ 4.49

Current Rating: 9.86
Other Creatures Return to Top
Cabin Salty Creature
Cabin Creek Cabin Salty Creature

$ 4.59

Current Rating: 5.91
Salty Lizards
Cabin Creek Salty Lizards

Starting at $ 8.90

Current Rating: 9.62
Salty Spider Parts
Cabin Creek Salty Spider Parts

Starting at $ 5.79

Current Rating: 6.91
Spin/Buzz Baits Return to Top
'Frog Hair' Turtle Back Special Spinner Baits
Cabin Creek 'Frog Hair' Turtle Back Special Spinner Baits

$ 5.95

Current Rating: 9.05
Swimbaits Return to Top
Slack Knockers Hand Poured Swimbaits
Cabin Creek Slack Knockers Hand Poured Swimbaits

$ 5.69

Current Rating: 0.00
(New Product)
Tubes Return to Top
Jumbo Salty Flippin' Tubes
Cabin Creek Jumbo Salty Flippin' Tubes

$ 4.99

Current Rating: 3.00
Salty Critter Gitter Tube
Cabin Creek Salty Critter Gitter Tube

Starting at $ 10.99

Current Rating: 5.24
Umbrella Rigs Return to Top
Finesse Crappie Rig Series
Cabin Creek Finesse Crappie Rig Series

Starting at $ 8.99

Current Rating: 8.41
Worms Return to Top
Finesse Weenie Worm
Cabin Creek Finesse Weenie Worm

$ 4.99

Current Rating: 9.09
Salty Saturn IV Worms
Cabin Creek Salty Saturn IV Worms

Starting at $ 3.59

Current Rating: 7.00
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