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Bruiser Baits The Intruder



Great bait for flipping and pitching. The little arms on the side of the bait are very streamline when punching but when the bait hits the bottom, they flair open similar to a jig. The arms twitch around with slight movements of the rod. Texas rigging this with the proper weight can result in big fish and lots of them. 4.25? long. 8 per pack.

Black Blue Flake
Size Price Stock Qty
4.25" $4.09 17
Black n Blue
Size Price Stock Qty
4.25" $4.09 19
Lily Pad
Size Price Stock Qty
4.25" $4.09 21


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  • Intruder and Intruder Jr  December 29, 2012

    This is a great little bait. The action of the arms catches the attention of any fish nearby. When they are being finicky you can downsize and use the Intruder Jr (not available on LBF yet). My wife caught a 3+ lb smallmouth using the Jr.

  • Intruder = money  July 22, 2012

    The Intruder is my goto bait, when it's time to punch mat's and junk fish! this bait is money! the leg's give it awesome action, and the fish will strike it with a vengeance.

  • Go to bait  June 10, 2012

    The Intruder by Bait Bruisers is the go to bait when nothing else works. Works very well on Large mouth or Small mouth bass. Only have used he watermelon red Intruder so far but I bet any color would be great. Have caught many many bass on this bait when all else has failed.