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Berkley Havoc Series - Pit Boss



One of my favorite ways to fish is with a flippin' stick. I've won over $3,000,000 and a lot of that has come from the flippin' technique. I designed the "Pit Boss" to mimic bait fish as well as crawfish. It's the perfect size to match the most common forage sizes and has the best possible action to get bites in all conditions. This is my new go-to bait to dominate the tour. When you tie this bait on, you better hold on because you are fixin' to start jackin' them!


  • 3" - 10 per pack
  • 4" - 8 per pack
  • 5" - 5 per pack

    Berkley innovation together with professional bass angler experience has resulted in a new soft bait series that is poised to wreak havoc in the bass lure market. In fact, that is what Berkley is naming its new, action series of professionally designed soft bait shapes, Havoc. Berkley scientists have connected with some of the top professional bass anglersw to develop new worms, lizards, craw and other unique baits and trailers that anglers, and especially bass, have never seen before. These unique soft bait shapes are designed with specific actions that will give them the edge to catch more fish and win more tournaments!

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    Big Texan
    Size Price Stock Qty
    3" $2.99 5
    4" $2.99 25+
    5" $2.99 6
    Size Price Stock Qty
    3" $2.99 6
    4" $2.99 13
    5" $2.99 22
    Size Price Stock Qty
    4" $2.99 4
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Price Stock Qty
    3" $2.99 4
    4" $2.99 6
    5" $2.99 5
    Green Pumpkin Green
    Size Price Stock Qty
    4" $2.99 6
    Green Pumpkin Green and Purple
    Size Price Stock Qty
    3" $2.99 6
    Green Pumpkin Purple Fleck
    Size Price Stock Qty
    4" $2.99 3
    June Bug
    Size Price Stock Qty
    3" $2.99 11
    4" $2.99 6
    5" $2.99 25+
    Okochobee Craw
    Size Price Stock Qty
    3" $2.99 5
    4" $2.99 1
    5" $2.99 6
    Size Price Stock Qty
    4" $2.99 5
    Perfection Blue Fleck
    Size Price Stock Qty
    4" $2.99 6
    Purple Grass
    Size Price Stock Qty
    4" $2.99 6
    Purple Pumpkin Red
    Size Price Stock Qty
    4" $2.99 6
    5" $2.99 6
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    • My favorite flippin bait  November 20, 2013

      Its kinda hard to explain but, this lure out fishes all of my other creature - craw baits. Its beefy enough to rig on my 5/0 flippin hooks really well and the action is perfect. I do wish they were scented but its easy enough to shoot em with my go-go juice if I need to. California is my favorite color with Green Pumkin and Plum as a close second. Its not a cure all lure but, if your going flippin or pitchin to heavy cover and you want a lure with just the right amount of action and something that will hold your big flippin hooks really well.....This is your lure. Price aint bad either

    • Best flipping bait  January 28, 2012

      for you;ll who love to flip this is the best bait i have ever used down here in alabama i took this bait the next day after they got here and hooked bass after bass and even lost a huge fish they just loved them that is why i am ordering more of the vampire orange and the work well on jigs too