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Berkley PowerBait Power Honey Worm



The Power Honey Worm design emulates the larval stages of an insect's life cycle, and is great for ice fishing and open water bobber fishing. Formulated especially for trout and panfish.

Length: 1"

55 per jar

Quantity Color Size Our Price

10+ In Stock
Natural 50 per jar $3.79

10+ In Stock
Red 50 per jar $3.79

10+ In Stock
Yellow 50 per jar $3.79


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  • Panfish & Crappie Killers  March 23, 2012

    NEVER have I used these honey worms (which to me can fish better than meal worms) and NOT caught fish. If I'm trying to catch huge crappie and bluegill, I'll run a hook through the whole body of one of these and pull it all the way up to the eye with the feet facing towards the back of the shank, and then I'll hook another about half way through to give the hook a litte 'tail'. To top it off, I partner these with one or two berkley crappie nibble for scent dispersal and these will make your pan fishing experience so much better. Another good thing about these is that they are VERY durable, for a plastic. Real meal worms, with big gills and crappie, you're lucky if you still have a mealworm or wax worm left if they haven't shaken it off, but these will stay on the hook AT LEAST 6 or more fish. These are a MUST and in my opinion, outfish live bait.