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Berkley Lightning Rod Shock Series Spinning Rod


Perfect For Any Superline Fishing Situation. Superline fishing is a mainstay with savvy anglers. From bass to inshore species and just about everything in between, anglers turn to braid and superlines anytime they need a near-zero-stretch line with plenty of strength in a small diameter. Because superline fishing is here to stay, Berkley® introduces the Lightning Rod® Shock, a family of rods designed specifically for superline fishing. To be specifically designed for superline, the Lightning Rod® Shock family features Aluminum Oxide guides that are diamond polished to a rich, black surface for strength, durability and reduced friction. These downsized guides help decrease wind knots and other line management issues while remaining lightweight and tough. In addition to sizes and actions best suited to superline, Lightning Rod® Shock rods feature a Strike Amplifying Tip (S.A.T.), which blends fiberglass with graphite in the end of the rod, producing a slower-reacting tip that results fewer lost fish. With a split-grip design that delivers more sensitivity and better balance with less weight, Lightning Rod® Shock rods also feature a suspending reel seat that keeps the reel from dampening vibration and ensuring maximum sensitivity. 1K Power Helix construction produces extra strength in the backbone while remaining light weight, necessary for powerful hooksets and stress loads that are inherent when fishing with a superline.

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  • Catching fish  February 23, 2012

    I have been catching more fish with my lighting rod than I did before

  • very nice rod for the money $$$$  September 13, 2010

    i use a 7 ft med for floting worm and texas rig very light and i use a 7ft/6 for swimbait. this rod and the carot stix rod are the best you can get!