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Barney Spoon
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Barney Spoon Barney Spoons may be fished by trolling, jigging, or casting.
Trolling will produce a constant fluttering action at any chosen depth with the intensity of the action dependent on boat speed. The slower the speed the more gentle the action. The faster the speed, the more vigorous the action. Pumping the rod every few feet to create a darting action is recommended.

Depth of the Barney Lure is attained by timing of the spoon as it sinks to desired level.
Jigging is very effective while drifting or at a very slow trolling speed. After determining proper fishing depth, twitching of the rod tip to activate a fluttering or darting action should be followed.

Casting is the most widely used and quickest method of finding fish in any chosen area. Medium to long casts to likely spots should be tried near the surface, at mid-depths and on the bottom. The Barney Lure should be allowed to sink to proper level before retrieving. Speed of the retrieve can vary from slow to medium fast. Retrieve is accomplished by a twitch of rod end which causes the Barney Lure to flutter upward. Then, a slight pause as the slackened line is tightened by a quarter to half turn of the reel during which time the lure flutters downward to its original starting position. This continuous action of twitching and pausing is constantly repeated until the lure is fully retrieved. A tight line during the entire retrieve and quick setting of hook at the first "bump" or "hit" is highly recommended.

Barney Spoon
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All Black
Size: 1/2 oz
Model: BS-12-ABLK
UPC: 856837900117
Please note: this item is out of stock and will be placed on back order.
$ 6.99 Barney Spoon All Black
All Black
Size: 3/4 oz
Model: BS-34-ABLK
UPC: 856837900118
$ 11.99 Barney Spoon All Black
All White
Size: 3/4 oz
Model: BS-34-WH
UPC: 856837900119
Please note: this item is out of stock and will be placed on back order.
$ 11.99 Barney Spoon All White
All White
Size: 1/2 oz
Model: BS-12-WH
UPC: 856837900120
$ 6.99 Barney Spoon All White
Size: 3/4 oz
Model: BS-34-CH
UPC: 856837900121
$ 11.99 Barney Spoon Chartreuse
Size: 1/2 oz
Model: BS-12-CH
UPC: 856837900122
$ 6.99 Barney Spoon Chartreuse
Chartreuse Shad
Size: 1/2 oz
Model: BS-12-CHSH
UPC: 856837900123
$ 6.99 Barney Spoon Chartreuse Shad
Fire Tiger
Size: 1/2 oz
Model: BS-12-FT
UPC: 856837900124
$ 6.99 Barney Spoon Fire Tiger
Fire Tiger
Size: 3/4 oz
Model: BS-34-FT
UPC: 856837900125
$ 11.99 Barney Spoon Fire Tiger
Size: 3/4 oz
Model: BS-34-F
UPC: 856837900126
$ 11.99 Barney Spoon Frog
Size: 1/2 oz
Model: BS-12-F
UPC: 856837900127
$ 6.99 Barney Spoon Frog
Purple Shad
Size: 1/2 oz
Model: BS-12-P
UPC: 856837900128
$ 6.99 Barney Spoon Purple Shad
Yellow Red Head
Size: 3/4 oz
Model: BS-34-YRH
UPC: 856837900129
$ 11.99 Barney Spoon Yellow Red Head
Yellow Red Head
Size: 1/2 oz
Model: BS-12-YRH
UPC: 856837900130
Please note: this item is out of stock and will be placed on back order.
$ 6.99 Barney Spoon Yellow Red Head


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