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Lip RipperZ Love Sauce Trout Attractant



Quickly one of the hottest Trout, Catfish and Striper attractants on the entire West Coast. Love Sauce is not your typical oil based scent that washes off once it hits the water, but a highly potent and STICKY formula that adheres to both your baits and lures for multiple casts at a time. Simply apply a small dose of your favorite Love Sauce to any bait and increase your chances of landing that lunker fish you’ve been searching for.


  • Extra Sticky Formula
  • Stays on for multiple casts at a time
  • A must have for all murky waters during or after any rainfall
  • Work great on Doughbait, lures or live bait
  • Fresh ingredients. Keep out of the sun
  • Catches: Trout and Steelhead
  • Size: 3 oz

Lip RipperZ Flavor Pro Tips:

  • Garlic Amore: Garlic Amore Love Sauce is their most popular and best selling Love Sauce flavor for Trout, with multiple 10+ pound Trout being caught on it each year.
  • Hatchery Heaven: Hatchery Heaven Love Sauce gives off the sweet aroma of freshly laid salmon eggs, and what can resist that?! This flavor is one of their office favorites while fishing any venue.
  • Garlic Crawler: Just like Garlic Amore, the Garlic Crawler Love Sauce remains one of their best sellers to this day. The addition of real tasty night crawlers to an extremely potent garlic flavor, makes this attractant a must on any bait or lure.

Garlic Amore
Size Price Stock Qty
4 oz $7.19 12
Garlic Crawler
Size Price Stock Qty
4 oz $7.19 12
Hatch Heaven
Size Price Stock Qty
4 oz $7.19 9


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