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Catahoula Manufacturing Type AA Nylon Seine Twine



Made from 100% nylon yarns, this natural white twine is resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, mildew, rot, marine growth and most chemicals.

The formulas Catahoula Manufacturing use to twist this twine have been developed to give just the right amount of "Z" and "S" twist. This mechanically sets the twine. Most companies would be satisfied with a twine of this quality, but they take it to a higher level by stabilizing it with a special heat treatment. This heat treatment insures the highest level of twist consistency, with minimum amount of raveling, untwisting and kinking.

Uses for this twine include trot line, decoy line, net making and mending, workshop, crafts, gardening, construction and commercial applications. Any place a high quality twisted nylon twine is needed this Type AA twine will fill the bill.

Sizes come in 1/4 lb. tubes:

  • #15: 1475 ft/lb - Tensile: 121 - Diameter: 0.051"
  • #18: 1140 ft/lb - Tensile: 165 - Diameter: 0.058"
  • #21: 900 ft/lb - Tensile: 204 - Diameter: 0.065"

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  • Color:White
  • Size:#21 - 1/4 lb

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