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ANGLR Tracker plus 12 Month Membership



ANGLR Tracker auto-logs entire fishing trips seamlessly from your rod while you enjoy the day. Our most innovative technology, designed to track every cast, every catch, and understand your key patterns of success.


Tracker mounts universally to any fishing rod and pairs with the FREE ANGLR app on iOS or Android to auto-log key fishing activities while you enjoy the day. Now you can seamlessly capture every location, catch, and condition with the world's first rod-mounted technology that uses smart sensors to detect casting, reeling, hooking, and fighting.

Think Fitbit™, but for fishing. ANGLR Tracker allows fishermen to seamlessly capture the mechanics of their fishing trips where the data can drive smarter fishing decisions in the future.


  • Catch Detection: Auto-detects every catch and pins locations in ANGLR App
  • Drop Pins: Drop pins directly from the rod to mark key locations with the push of a button
  • Cast Direction: Built-in compass records directional fishing activities with precision
  • Cast Count: Auto-detect casting and maintain your cast to catch ratio
  • Fight Time – Know the duration and intensity of every fight

Paired with the FREE ANGLR App for Android or iOS:

  • Get Weather / Water Conditions: Pair every catch with local environmental factors (wind, temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure, cloud coverage, precipitation, water flow, water temperature, gauge, and tide)
  • Determine Top-Producing Tackle: Fish with a virtual tackle box to understand colors, sizes, patterns and types of tackle that land more fish
  • Review Past Trips: Get easy to read charts on your most successful behaviors from past trips in mobile and premium ANGLR Xperience

Included in Package:

  • 12 months ANGLR Premium Xperience Included
  • ANGLR Tracker Sensor
  • Two (2) Rod Mounts
  • Charging Dock
  • Six (6) Rubber Mount Rings

Unit Specs:

  • Syncs wirelessly and automatically with Bluetooth smart phones
  • Small, light, and waterproof – designed to enhance, never intrude
  • Weight: 0.7 oz
  • Size: 2.95 L x .50 W x .55 H

About This Item
  • Color:Black & Gray
  • Size:2.95" L x 0.50" W x 0.55"

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