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ABT Lures King Dawg
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ABT Lures King Dawg The proprietary design of ABT’s new single-jointed “King Dawg” lure makes it easy to “walk the dog” effectively and generate explosive topwater results.

The latest addition to ABT’s “Next Generation” series, this 5-inch, 3/4-ounce surface bait produces the kind of action opportunistic bass can’t resist. No special talent required. Just twitch the King Dawg slowly and watch the jointed sections and forked “tail” generate a perfect “walk the dog” presentation. Unlike one-piece baits designed for this application, the King Dawg makes “walking the dog” essentially effortless. This lure’s irresistible action is complemented by its unique tail, which kicks up just the right amount of splash to entice hungry predators. All you need to do is stay alert for the impending violent strike.

According to Allen Borden, president of ABT Lure Company and the lure’s designer, the King Dawg’s ease-of-use makes it different from other “walk the dog” type lures on the market. “With other lures, it takes a significant amount of practice and effort on the part of the angler to deliver this kind of presentation effectively,” said Borden. “That’s not the case with the King Dawg. The jointed body works in combination with the forked tail, which acts as a ‘rudder,’ allowing even a topwater novice to ‘walk the dog’ like a seasoned pro.”

Like all of the ABT Next Generation baits, the King Dawg is available in a variety of detailed “Natural Image Transfer” finishes that mirror the appearance of actual forage fish. Anglers can choose from a variety of life-like patterns/colors, including: blueback herring, threadfin shad, rainbow trout, baby bass, chartreuse shad and splatter back.

The ABT King Dawg is as durable as it is productive, so it’s likely to remain a favorite lure in your tackle arsenal for many years. While other hardbait manufacturers use plastic hinges to attach the sections of their jointed lures, ABT employs only rugged steel hinges for optimum strength and reliable performance. The King Dawg’s laser-sharp treble hooks are also ultra-tough, for solid, positive hook-sets over the long haul.

ABT Lures King Dawg
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106 - Baby Bass
Size: 5" - 3/4oz
Model: KD-106
UPC: 851198000767
$ 11.99 ABT Lures King Dawg 106 - Baby Bass


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